welcome emma

October 13, 2006

Welcome Emma!

Instantly my life is changed.

She’s only 7lbs. and 49 hours old, but she’s changed my life instantly. And I didn’t quite expect it to be like this.

Even though we’ve all expected her and prepared for her, I’m floored by this immediate sense of joy and wonder and love in her arriving, in her. So small. So alive. So warm. I can’t explain it. I love her.

This is odd. I’ve not experienced these kind of feelings for another person before. Sure and new–and so instantly. Perhaps it’s the rush of seeing her for the first time, holding her for the first time, smelling her for the first time. Maybe it’s that she is the first of the next generation in both[!] our families–she’s certainly special in that way. Or, maybe it’s because she is simply sheer gift, all grace.

I think that might be it.

I love babies not just because they are cute, but because they remind that life is gift, all grace. Her soft toes, beautifully made. Her searching and widening eyes, delicately formed. Her voice–even her crying voice–wonderously tuned. All about her little body reminds that I, and her, and all others also, are made wonderfully in His image. In her smallness and weakness, in her natural neediness, she reminds of all my longings for God. And I need–I must–at at all times remember that my life, like Emma’s, is sheer gift, all grace. It’s a mystery made less a mystery.

That’s why I love babies and newborns. That’s why I love my new niece.

Welcome Emma.

God bless you and keep you all the days of your life.


2 Responses to “welcome emma”

  1. Chris & Kiyah said

    Congrats, Uncle Jason! Now you just have to work at being Emma’s most favoritest uncle or is that already your new title?

  2. =) Thanks Chris & Kiyah! Hmm…I have a brother and my brother-in-law has a brother too…so I have competition! =P I don’t have to be the favoritest, just as best an uncle as I can be… It’s weird, I’ve never been one before.

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