“I don’t think you can make a difference…”

That’s what Mark Kelley says to a couple of young Christians in the States who are on a mission to debate people into knowing God.

Mark Kelley is a reporter with CBC. He’s doing a series called Seven, where he spends seven days with people and learns about them.

The latest episode, which aired on December 19th, shows his seven days spent with evangelical Christians (all in America).  I think it’s a must see for any Christian who is serious about engaging with culture, wants to know how people who aren’t Christians think and see Christians, and who genuinely wants to share Christ to their friends.

There’s a lot to complain about this story. Like bias: sure Kelley could have had a wider range of Evangelicals he hung out with. But the perception is there (whether Kelley’s or our friends) that “Christians” or “Evangelicals” believe these things. And so, I think there’s great value in seeing the other perspective.

In the least, I think this story gives us a good picture (perhaps not a perfect picture) of how we’re viewed and raises some important questions regarding our “mission” and how we should go about it.

Here are the videos, from the CBC website:

Part I (Runs 18:18)

Part II (Runs 6:18)

(If anyone knows how to “save” these videos, please let me know. I’d like to show these. Or maybe I’ll write CBC for copies.)


Home Cookin’

December 19, 2006

God’s little hope

December 18, 2006

Read this excerpt from Martin E. Marty’s column.

Poem is called, “The Mystery of the Holy Innocents” by Charles Péguy.

I am, God says, Master of the Three Virtues.
Faith is a loyal wife.
Charity is a fervent mother.
But hope is a very little girl.

I am, God says, the Master of the Virtues.

It is Faith who holds fast through century upon century.

It is Charity who gives herself through centuries of centuries.

But it is my little hope
Who gets up every morning.
Says good-day to us . . .
I am, God says, the Lord of the Virtues.

It is Faith who resists through century upon century.
It is Charity who yields through century upon century.
But it is my little hope
Who every morning
Says good-day to us . . .

It is my little hope
who goes to sleep every evening
In her child’s bed,
after having said a good prayer,
and who wakes every morning and gets up
and says her prayers with new attention . . .

You believe that children know nothing,
And that parents and grown-up people know something.
Well, I tell you it is the contrary
(It is always the contrary).
It is the parents, it is the grown-up people who know nothing.
And it is the children who know

For they know first innocence,
Which is everything.

The world is always inside out, God says.
And in the contrary sense.
Happy is he who remains like a child
And who like a child keeps
His first innocence . . .

I Voted for Rory

December 7, 2006


Not the Gilmore girl. But Rory Fitzpatrick, defensemen of my beloved Vancouver Canucks.

This was funny when I first heard about it last week. It’s getting funnier and funnier.

If you don’t know, the NHL allows fans to cast votes for players to make the starting line up for the annual All-Star Game (six players for the West, six for the East).  Usually fans pick star players…hem…obviously.  But Fitzpatrick is an average-joe player.  He’s just good “at what he does.”  He’s the type of player that never should even be considered!  But he is…and he’s gaining steam.  I love underdogs.

This story at TSN.ca made me laugh! Roberto Luongo voted for him “five times.” Ha!!

I sure hope he gets in.

Here’s the website that started it all: www.voteforrory.com.

Please vote. =)

AIDS and me

December 5, 2006

A confession: I haven’t cared about people with AIDS as much as I feel I should.

I came across these two videos online, and it got me thinking more. How do/can/should I respond?

God, grant me a compassion that reflects yours, for people suffering because of AIDS.

12 min photo story of men, women and children in Africa (by MediaStorm)

2.5 min report by TIME: “New Hope for Kids with AIDS”