Holy Saturday – Art & Waiting

March 20, 2008

Haven’t written on this since last year. And before that, it’s been awhile.

I’ve been following my usual line-up of blogs. Some news, some friends, some reflections.

This reflection by Brett McCracken resonates so much with what has been on my mind and heart lately, I simply had to jot it down. So where else but here? (This is where I’m almost there, wherever there is.)

His reflection on Easter Saturday, or Holy Saturday, hits the wavelength I’m on, personally, and I think others too. Sunday is glorious. Friday is terrible. But what about Saturday, this “in-between?” How do we make sense of this day, this time, this tension? McCracken cites and pushes me to consider art (I like and understand film most) and how the tension of this Saturday gives umphh to art. He says, “embodying ‘Saturday’ is the highest calling of art: Saturday is where we live.”

Whenever Lost in Translation, Sufjan, The Thin Red Line and Easter are mentioned in one thought, I suppose it gets my attention.


2 Responses to “Holy Saturday – Art & Waiting”

  1. Serene said

    “Haven’t written on this since last year.” sums up my thoughts when it comes to blogs ^_^.

    How’s it going? We’re lounging and bumming around in Palm Springs right now. Just finished playing around on some of the PGA West golf courses down here! What a difference from playing on the Wii…

    Looking forward to attending Easter Service tomorrow morning at one of the church’s down here.

  2. vince said

    Life cycles through Friday and Sunday.
    Lots of us, though, fantasize about Sundays on Saturdays…and misses great opportunities of art.

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