In Tokyo (pt. 2)

June 18, 2008

In Tokyo

June 9, 2008

Some highlights:
Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market
Dinner with Ern and Namie every night
Harajuku’s Style
Tasty Okonomiyaki Dinner
Multi-directional Shibuya’s crossing
All that Humanity at Shinjuku Station
Isetan’s Food Hall
Ramen from “Cherry Blossoms Falling to the Ground”
Search for Yabu Soba
Service at Tokyo Baptist Church
At Top of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Tempura Bar-style
Big Slice of Tomato at Mos Burger
Beef Bowl at Yoshinoya
Ordering Noodles from Vending Machine
Live Music at Harajuku
Praying in three languages
Discovering Underground Walkways, Malls, (Worlds!)