In Tokyo (pt. 2)

June 18, 2008


9 Responses to “In Tokyo (pt. 2)”

  1. snerk said

    is that a wendy’s burger? and what are those weird grey coloured things? fish???

  2. jason said

    No, it’s not a Wendy’s burger. It’s a Mos Burger, an original Japanese burger franchise. It looks exactly as it’s printed on the menu, but it doesn’t taste like it looks. 😦

  3. jason said

    grey coloured things = tuna

  4. atamayoshiko said

    very expensive tuna… =9

    (did you find any vending machines selling strange things?)

  5. junior said

    why do you look so sad in front of the crepe place?!

  6. jason said

    I suppose it’s all the pink.

  7. thewuclan said

    on behalf of Caleb: “Uncle Jason, why is there a hole in the fish? Fishes don’t have holes.”

    on behalf of Micah: “wuzza eatin’ Unca Jason?”

  8. jason said

    to Caleb: “Hello there Caleb. You’re right, fishes don’t usually have holes. My guess is these fish donated their gills to other needy fish. But I’m not exactly sure. Ask your dad!” 🙂

    to Micah: “Heyyah Micah! In the picture where I am eating, I am eating a freshly made strawberry-chocolate crepe from that food stand called Angel Hearts. The crepe is not sour (as my face suggests), but that it was very hot that day. The crepe was sweet and yummy. Hmmm.”

  9. nami said

    Hey I found a new post! Good thing I checked 🙂
    It was great meeting the cousins of our furniture and spending so much time with you and Jo in just one month! That was cool.

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