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August 19, 2008












Kayaking at Deep Cove

August 5, 2008

[credit photos 1, 4 & 5 to jo]

All summer Jo had wanted to go kayaking. Monday, we finally went!

I don’t usually jump at the first suggestion of any outdoor activity. I don’t know what it is. I quite like sports, but I don’t like sweating it out in the hot sun. I would rather stay cool, and smelling nice(r).

But…was I glad to finally go kayaking with Jo yesterday! It was a beautiful day. We already had a ‘full’ day: lunch with my parents and nephew, essential wedding dress shopping–for next year(!), light pasta dinner at Anton’s–without lining up–woo hoo. And last on our list of things to do…kayaking at Deep Cove.

Jo and I had kayaked before, in Hawaii. But that was three years ago. Water activity in Hawaii seems natural. Here in Canada…seems chilly-ish. But, nonetheless, I was so very glad we went.

The first thing we noticed were the waterfront houses. Not what we expected (I thought “the mountains,” “nature,” the “trees” would be what would strike us). There were so many of these large, retreat-like houses just hanging on the edge of craggy rocks. All of them had a private dock. There were either kayaks resting upside down, or medium sized motor boats tethered to these weathered wooden docks. Or both. Many of these houses, just a few paddles from the kayak rental beach, were multi-storied, had custom built staircases that winded down about 50 feet from the back porch to the water. They looked steep, but sturdy. One house, about 100 feet up, had a garage or entrance at the top of the cliff, with a glass elevator shaft about the length of two floors. I imagined the breathtaking view from the elevator across Indian Arm.

I suppose what surprised me was that there were houses like these not far from where I lived. I wondered how many other Vancouverites, having lived their entire lives in the city, have never known there were homes with such beautiful, natural, year-round surroundings. I come to places like this maybe once a year! That’s what struck me, as we navigated our way along the this shore. Just around the corner of the busy Inlet was this other world, this coastal haven nestled in the tall trees on the edge of North Vancouver. I wondered, do the people living here ever get tired of something so beautiful?

Near the end of our two hour rental, as the sun was sliding behind some range of mountains, the waters calmed and the sea water on our arms stopped evaporating. It became cool, but not cold. The noise of the jet boats and jet skis subsided, while we noticed friends and families gathering on porches enjoying salad and company. I enjoyed the smell of bbq.

On our 45-minute-non-stop-rush back to the rental beach, I finally saw what I was expecting. The calm, silky waters on which we were gliding immediately brought to mind, and heart, the Revelation vision of the heavenly throne, before which was what seemed like “a sea of glass, clear as crystal” (Revelation 4:6). It was smooth. Its movement was fluid. Though it seemed like a liquid window, I didn’t hesitate with my oar, knowing the reflection of the faint moonlight would not shatter, but simply absorb. This sea of glass carried me. A sense of peace flooded me. The joy of God visited me.

And for this, I’m so thankful.

Glory to God.

Holy, holy, holy! All the saints adore Thee,
Casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea…