Paris (d’Orsay & the Louvre)

June 29, 2009










IMG_8491 copy TWO.jpg


3 Responses to “Paris (d’Orsay & the Louvre)”

  1. fongbao said

    Again Jay, awesome pics. Especially like the first two of this set

  2. thewuclan said

    have i told you that you take the best “self” shots arms’ length away. whenever i try, i always end up with a photo of me at a weird angle –double chin and all 😉

    btw: mark & i like the silhouette of the 2 people with the big clock in the background — where is that?

  3. jason said

    m.wu: haha…no you’ve not told me that about my “self” shots, but it’s taken lot’s of practice. It’s hard with that 17-85 lens (heavy!). I found a way where I balance the weight of the camera with the camera strap tightened around my elbow. And I press the shutter with my thumb. Weird eh? Also, it takes me about 5 shots until I get it right.

    I like that silhouette shot too. That’s on the top floor of the Musee D’Orsay directly across from one of their gift shops near the Impressionists area. For that shot, I just snapped it without looking through my viewfinder. I find I take better pictures when I don’t try to compose. Sad, but true. 😦

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