things maddy should not do

February 14, 2012

Wear leggings on head:

Take photos of Dad sleeping:
take photos of daddy sleeping.jpg

Paparazzi your parents
take family photos.jpg

Steal fruit from Daiso:
steal apple and pear.jpg

Sit in a stool:
sit in a stool.jpg

Show off big, stinky foot:
show her big foot.jpg

Pilot a helicopter:
pilot a helicopter.jpg

Hide in a cupboard:
hide in cupboard.jpg

Graduate, yet:

Wear baby brother’s clothes:
evan's clothes.jpg

Eat cheeseburger mac & cheese:
eat mac & cheese.jpg
well…this one is OKAY!


Deliver mail:
deliver mail.jpg

Cry over stickers:
cry over stickers.jpg

Become a toy:
be a toy.jpg