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“I’m not even new here! I just come for the dance offs!” =)

[check out the Canucks jersey at the 1:00 minute mark. woo hoo!]

I Voted for Rory

December 7, 2006


Not the Gilmore girl. But Rory Fitzpatrick, defensemen of my beloved Vancouver Canucks.

This was funny when I first heard about it last week. It’s getting funnier and funnier.

If you don’t know, the NHL allows fans to cast votes for players to make the starting line up for the annual All-Star Game (six players for the West, six for the East).  Usually fans pick star players…hem…obviously.  But Fitzpatrick is an average-joe player.  He’s just good “at what he does.”  He’s the type of player that never should even be considered!  But he is…and he’s gaining steam.  I love underdogs.

This story at made me laugh! Roberto Luongo voted for him “five times.” Ha!!

I sure hope he gets in.

Here’s the website that started it all:

Please vote. =)