John Daker

November 25, 2006

I remember seeing this about a year ago. Cracked me up good.

Don’t know about his choice of songs (they don’t seem to flow), but I like his suit and tie!

Some background info:


over the rhine over at regent

November 16, 2006

before over the rhine

at over the rhine

over the rhine

Spent a splendid evening Wednesday with Jo taking in the songs of the couple-group, Over the Rhine. Their sound, jo says (because I’m not musically attuned in any way), is some blues, some folk and that may very well be right. I say, just good. =)

Looking forward to their Christmas album, Snow Angels.

Here’s a review of their most recent album that got me (more) interested in the group.

[That yellow tint in the last photo is there because there were yellow spotlights in the chapel]

over the rhine

October 19, 2006


Splendid news.

some kind of blue

October 7, 2006

Been listening to this ablum a lot recently.

When I first got it, I was not impressed. But it’s grown on me lately (much like my waistline). Somehow, right now, it’s expressing something quite me.

One reviewer calls this recording the key recording of what became modal jazz, “a music free of fixed harmonies and forms of pop songs.” It’s a “weigtless music” he says.

Whatever it is, I love it.

It’s on repeat…

This is funny and great.

I think Andre 3000 (the guy in the green shirt, plaid pants and white suspenders) is funny.  He dances funny.  And his hair is funny too.

The guy actually singing (Matt Weddle) of Obadiah Parker is great, eh?


August 20, 2006